secrets of your lipstick

Is your lipstick as pointed as it was on the first day of purchase? You know, it characterizes you as a practical and quite serious girl. You always, darling, know what you lack, have a clear goal and go to it in the shortest way, do not exchange for all sorts of things! But if the end of your lipstick is sharpened just like a pencil of exemplary, then, apparently, you – a girl, not devoid of selfishness, arrogance and sometimes disrespectful attitude to the opinion of others. You’re not just happy with people. But as for the relationship with your own boyfriend, you can consider yourself just the perfect sweetheart! Take our most heartfelt congratulations! The lipstick column is erased only on one side. Here, dear, a bouquet of your qualities – a rich imagination, enterprise plus also business. (About the last quality of the fair sex can be debated, but, probably, in modern life it is not so bad, right?) You know what you’re missing? Practicality! You are not fastidious, not capricious, and the whims of others endure quietly. You miss the girls. But you have a close friend, whom you tell secrets and forgive her. Let’s move on. It happens that the top of the lipstick is correct and smoothly sharpened. So you’re a breed of girl who knows how to stand up for themselves. Such a purposeful, so worthy calm (excellent! guys appreciate it and above the roof!) In all you joke order, and serious things you manage to plan in advance. But perhaps the only thing you sometimes lack is losing your sense of humor! Treat yourself and buyviagrainireland others lightly! Does the top of the lipstick have some kind of vague shape? It’s like cutting off a few even perpendicular to the base? This probably suggests that you are an unbalanced girl, any little thing, in fact, can cause you anxiety, which you studiously hide under the mask of self-confidence and energy. You love walks under the stars, beautiful things and sentimental melodrama on TV. The lipstick on top is perfectly flat, no matter what angle. You’re a hundred percent optimist, boredom is unfamiliar to you. And you are quite direct and frank, it is easy to find common ground with those who have hit the radius of your attractiveness. You don’t pay attention to the little things in life. In principle, this directness can offend, but the claims to you – the minimum. Because it’s completely unintentional on your part. There is another very unusual form of lipstick: on top it narrows, and then acts just a sharp sharp tip like a gnome cap! This form is rare to say that you are a girl in a mood! Unbalanced, choppy, easily fall into delight and despair. In short, a complete contradiction. And you’re funny and funny, you know how to be the center of attention of the company. Well, unfortunately, the personality you are not always reliable, you can and let down sometimes. Does your lipstick have the shape of a cone with a cut tip? Then, probably, you have a calm and cheerful character, you are happy with fate and life. And you know very, very poorly about people. But only sometimes you can envy others, and the radiant mood from this dramatically deteriorates. It’s not worth it, believe me!